Thanks for visiting Kalikotpepot. I truly value your support and readership. Because of you, I keep sharing.

Who am I?
Hi, I'm J (Jay, Jhay), the Head Tweaker here. I'm a freelance writer and Google-taught blog creator. I'm more of a bookworm than a writer. Sometimes I craft, frequently I cook, everyday I daydream  and I'm always a Darling Aunt. I learned to love Barney, Prince Mackaroo, Dave the Barbarian and Gargoyles. This is my blog. I keep it real while still seeing enchanted gardens and rainbows in all of life's lessons. 

I coined the term 'kalikotpepot' and used it on my previous site at WordPress way back 2010. It's a combination of two words: 'Kalikot'=passive verb kalikutin means to poke or stir, apt to describe my ever active AllyMcbeal-like imagination and my trial and error skill in creating hands on/DIY projects ergo, I'm makalikot;  'Pepot'= simply a fun, jesty childhood nickname. There you go--kalikotpepot, sounds a bit naughty and playful as I am, haha

About the Blog
In a nutshell, Kalikotpepot is all about the shrewdness, practical knowledge and relatable experiences in life  of a vivacious, snappy, comic Aunt. 

You will find here variety of candid reviews and features, giveaways, short stories, news, experiences, great finds,  and other wonderings or wanderings of a 30 something Aunt like me.

Sometimes I receive products/services compliments of various companies. I never commit to sharing a positive review, but if I like the product and think my readers will too - I often mention it here. I am also a member of affiliate programs. This means if you purchase an item from a link I provide to those shops, I sometimes receive a commission. I only share products and services that I would personally use and think are a good fit for my readers.  

All things written herein are my MERE views and opinion. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. (see detailed disclosure  page)

This blog doesn't promote or advertise gambling and dating sites and also alcohol is a no-no (if it's food paired with wine, Italian style maybe? then I'm in).  Neither will this blog endorse consumption of illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco products, or drugs or tobacco paraphernalia. Keeping it wholesome:)

House Rule-I'd appreciate your two cents worth. I respect multiple viewpoints but please no bashing, it's okay to disagree, just be respectful when doing so to keep the positive environment. 

A peek of what's inside:

  Reviews: food, tech, services, health&beauty, etc.

  Quickies: short movie/TV reviews, quick inspirations
  Quips: thought-provoking ideas, inspirational and motivational quotes
  Giveaways: free stuff, what else?:)
  Wonderings: literary attempts, daily hustle and bustle, fancies

Enjoy your stay here at Kalikotpepot!  xoxo
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