July 29, 2014

Moringa-O2 Herbal Soap Lather and Review

Moringa-O2 products from Ardent Natural Skin Care are the first and only line  which have harnessed the three powerful miracles of nature: Malunggay (Moringa), Olive Oil and Omega from Sunflower Oil. Their products include the following: Herbal Soap, Facial Toner, Moisturizing Lotion and Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil.

Moringa O2 Soap and T-shirt
Prize from Moringa O2
I received a 60g Moringa O2 Herbal Soap and a shirt. I've been using the soap for almost three weeks now, yes, it can last that long! The remaining bar is still good for at least a week more, I guess. I promised to give them a feedback but I decided to make a thorough review, so let's lather and roll!

Price: Php.49.75 (69g),  Php.89.75 (135g)

Bought from: Free 
Also Available at:  Watsons, SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarkets, Robinson's Department Store and Mercury Drug stores nationwide

Moringa O2 Herbal soap box

Moringa O2 Herbal soap box

Moringa lover? Continue reading:)

Moringa (Malunggay), known as the nature's miracle tree, cleanses, detoxifies and nourishes dry and sensitive skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties.This is why the soap is anti-bacterial and anti-acne.

Sunflower oil has Omega 6 and 9- essential fatty acids that provide a chemical surface barrier that helps skin retain its moisture without drying and clogging pores or blocking the flow of oxygen into/out of skin cells; and Vitamin B Complex that improves skin elasticity. This natural oil can also lighten the skin!

Olive Oil, the "liquid gold" deeply moisturizes and promotes skin cell regeneration. The anti-aging properties of olive oil are due to the polyphenols and oleic acid contained in it. 

Moringa O2 Herbal Soap pic
It's apt to label this herbal soap as skin multivitamin having Vitamins A, C, E, (don't forget the Omegas, Vitamin B Complex mentioned earlier). Even protein and minerals such as Calcium, Potassium are present. This product is jam-packed with so many goodies for the skin!

Other Details:

Packaging is  very informative; ingredients, benefits, consumer hotline, manufacturing date, directions on usage, everything's there. The soap is unscented though it has A VERY TINGE smell of Moringa which you won't actually notice if you haven't tried any products containing Moringa. It lathers very well that's why a small bar can last long depending on usage of course.

It's deodorizing and helps relieve itch. It works best even for sensitive skin. 

Totesamaze! It has totally amazing benefits, affordable and widely available. It really helped in minimizing my bacne without drying my skin. I have nothing but praise for this herbal soap. I expect nothing less from a 4-time award winning skin care line. I'm excited to try the rest of the items in this skin care line.

Do you want to try their products? Moringa-O2 is giving out Herbal Soap this week to 10 lucky contestants. You can get a chance to win one of 5 Moringa-O2 Gift Packs too. Just visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MoringaO2  to know the details. 

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