May 30, 2015

Watsons Glamworks Raspberry Body Scrub Review

I've already tried a number of body scrubs and this one is new to me. I received this item as a gift from my soon to be sister-in-law Ms.L. Experiencewise, Watsons has enthralled me many times with their products and this one is no exception. 

Image: Watsons Glam Works Raspberry Body Scrub
Glamworks Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub (Raspberry)
Glamworks Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub is specially infused with Aloe Extracts and Exfoliating beads to scrub away dry and rough skin.

My brief review after the jump! :)
Price: 2 tubes for only  Php 130+ (forgot the exact price, will update when I visit Watsons again)
Available in Watsons Personal Care Stores Nationwide
Available in different variants, I think I saw at least three. The Avocado variant interests me.

Glamworks Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub (Raspberry)
Glamworks Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub (Raspberry)
From the different variants, I love this one best. The sweet refreshing scent of fresh Raspberry is something I excitedly look forward to in my baths. The squeezable tube by the way is very handy and well thought out.

On my first try, I massaged the cream on my skin using my hands. This technique was a bit messy and it didn't scrub that well. So the second time around, I used a small soft damp towel and...Whoaa! I loved the results. This body scrub left my skin soft, smooth and glowing:) After continued use, I really felt its deep moisturizing effect. A tube can last for more than a month depending on use. Already bought two more tubes:). I've been using this for three straight months already, 2 to 3 times per week.

What really charmed  me more about this product is its affordability. I've been addicted to body scrubs in some point of my life and what actually hinders me to loyally buy a specific brand that I fancy is its availability, most of the time, the stores are unfortunately hard to find. I'm really happy that Watsons Stores are almost everywhere!

This is such a fab find. Definitely Glam and works amazingly well! Have you tried this brand? How was it ? Share away:)
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