June 10, 2015

Why I was MIA

If you ever wondered why for a number of months this site is not updated, well, here's my story. But before that, just want to thank you very much for visiting and checking over my blog posts, because of people like you I keep on sharing:) Warm hugs for you all!

2014 has been such a busy and splendid year for me, within that year, this site was born. Come January 2015 I was so giddy to start the year right and have planned to double my efforts for this blog. But you know, some life realities can take you somewhere unexpected.

From on and off fever to nursing a full blown flu made up my restless month of January, owing to the treacherous alteration of weather. It was body and mind torture, though I was lucky enough not to have any sponsored posts hanging!
Thermometer Reads High Temperature

Early days of February signaled my recovery. Alas, I'm still alive! The skies look bright and I begin to steer high hopes on blogging prospects anew. Though another unwanted turn of events took place.

As my health improved, I was able to help around the house once again and little by little attend to other important stuffs that demand my attention. Then out of the blue, tiny (at the start, at least!) rashes on my skin developed. It started as itchy liliputian "butlig (vesicle or cyst-like growth) ," appeared much like of a mosquito bite. Long story short the rashes turned into bigger eczema-like, I don't know what, wounds that really, really, REALLY (superlative emphasis pls!) troubled me!
Skin Irritation
Uhm, that's a side of my right leg
Out from the flu spell and now another bout. (Sorry 'bout the hairy leg, yup I don't shave hair legs:) Back with my dilemma. Treating those lesions and unraveling the source of the said skin irritation quite summed up my February and March. Hydrocortizone cream became my bossom friend.  

Hence, I initiated a thorough room cleaning, yeh, just my quarters 'coz I greatly suspect that a kind of devilish insect/s lurk within the four corners of my room (the very culprits of my skin woe!). 
Chunks of Dust
just a batch of dust load
Oh my papa, dust was so thick behind our cabinets as you can see in the image above! I'm a wee bit ashamed to admit this but anyhow that's the solid fact. Dusting off every nook and cranny, disposing years of acquired rubbish, changing sheets, curtains, etc; by slow degrees, decent room overhaul was carried out.

Months of April and May were my happiest. I devoted these ethereal vacation months to bond with my family, especially my adorable nephew. I get to learn how to play Monopoly for the very first time! Happy me indeed. Yes simple pleasures, invaluable moments that make life bearable. 

So you see, I was pretty much occupied! So am I forgiven for the long online absence?lol.
Monopoly Game

Well, well, we can't get through  this world without our share of trouble; we just have to make the best of it. By the way, the wounds already healed though they left white-ish scars. So, how's life treating you so far
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