August 09, 2014

Quickies: Need FREE Legal Advice? Watch This TV Program

Just this Friday afternoon I came across a very engrossing TV Program: Relasyon. Our television got  a blurry reception though the hosts are still recognizable. It's on channel 41. The program was hosted by Atty. Mel Sta. Maria, Family Law and Litigation Expert, and seasoned journalist, Ms. Gladys Luna-Lucas. (Celebrated Broadcast Journalist,Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdes is also one of the anchors of the show)

TV5 Relasyon logo

It was more than informative. Though  not eye friendly, it didn't matter, all I cared about was to hear the discussion. Lots of intriguing questions on legalities which were answered briefly but succinctly and law terminologies made simple. Really educational and engaging! I wasn't even bothered by the bleary visuals! The audio was alright... thank heavens.

As the program progressed, it got even more entertaining because of their segment "Ito Ang Buhay Ko" where in they feature a story from a letter sender and eventually given legal advice.  Topic that day was about harassment in the work place.

Another intellectual joined in and gave her two cents worth- Ms. Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, Performance Management Expert and Life and Health Coach. Ms. Pia's such a vivacious speaker. I love their POWER team!!!

In a short span of time, I learned something about interstate proceeding, deed of sale, holographic will, why the government should abolish estate tax and a lot more!

To register to their textline  just type RADYO5 <space> REG <space> NAME/ADDRESS/AGE and send to 2929. To send messages, comments and questions type REL <space> MESSAGE and send to 2929. Hotline: 633-00-77.

For more details add  Relasyon on Facebook. Listen/Watch on Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM & Aksyon TV, Mondays to Fridays, 12NN-2PM. See Catch up Episodes here.

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