August 08, 2014

Suntekstore: Live Green

Suntekstore has been online since 2001. It offers cool gadgets and accessories at bargain prices, you can find massive range of first-rate solar products such as solar chargers, solar lights, solar toys, solar fountains, solar panels etc. They advocate the use of renewable  energy thus promoting a greener way of living. It ships orders for free worldwide and observes 60-day return policy. They accept payments mainly by PayPal, but you can still use Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Product price starts at $1.99!

Some of their Solar products:

 Fountain pump kit $18.02 or P788+

Eco-friendly, non-toxic sonic mosquito repeller with compass $12.43 or P544
Clamp-on LED tail light $8.53 or P373

Sample $1.99 items:
Mens Earring Ear Stud Stainless Steel Black Onyx Fake Plug
3 PACK Black White Nude 3-Eye Hook Bra Extenders
Nylon Net Bag Ball Carry Mesh Net Bag for Volleyball Basketball Football
Pair U Clip On Earrings Ear Cuff Studs w/ Emerald Rhinestone
Pair U Clip On Earrings Ear Cuff Studs w/ Pink Rhinestone
Baby Kid Safety Table Corner Cushion Protector Grey

I received items from Suntekstore, I'll tell you more after the cut

I remember winning free stuffs from Suntekstore. I got a velvet pouch for my digicam and a magnifying lens, the one used by watch repairers, I gave as a present for a relative.

Suntekstore velvet pouch
Velvet pouch, I got a violet one, $3.02 now 2.32

Suntekstore magnifier
15x magnifier loupe, $5.46, now 4.20

The first item, the magnifier, didn't arrive. It was lost in transit or whatever, I'm not sure what happened. But after reporting the incident, true to their promise, Suntekstore replaced the product. The default free shipping option is via Standard Air Mail (Postal Service). If you are in a hurry, then you still have the option of the Expedited Shipping. In Valenzuela, after receiving a notice for pick up of an item, you'll need to go to the City's Postal Office, a fixed P70 is charged to the addressee of the package. The postmaster opens the package in front of you. 

The item is protectively placed in a small envelope with built in bubble wrap. Quality wise, it is the same as it appears on the website, no hocus pocus. I suggest you buy items in bulk then check out as single transaction, that way you'll pay less post office fee. Estimated time of delivery (free) is from 7-15 days, no tracking number, that's the only downside I can think of. For Registered and Expedited Shipping, check the details here.

Here are my top pics all below $50:

Suntekstore corset
White satin laced up corset $15.30

Suntekstore banquet handbag
Banquet Handbag $15.87

Suntekstore handbag
Ladies Pu Leather Handbag $25.13

Suntekstore Remote Control RC Helicopter with Gyro
JXD 340 4CH Remote Control RC Helicopter with Gyro - Light Blue $41.82

Suntekstore 25 Pairs of Barbie Shoes
25 Pairs of Barbie Shoes for your princess! $6.22

The list is endless actually, haha. Having hard time to choose. Go and check their site, so many unique and super affordable items! Start shopping!

They're also in Facebook and  Twitter.

(All Photos courtesy of Suntekstore Website)
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